Confidentiality & Non Disclosure



Discretion is one of our main priorities.

Confidentiality and Discretion from an honest & reputable escort agency.

Confidentiality, Discretion & Privacy

As a reputable agency we will never store your detail for longer than is necessary, unless previously agreed with yourself. This means that we destroy all documents containing personal details of any kind once the appointment is finished - or in some cases, postponed or cancelled.

The events that occur during a meeting with one of our female escorts are also under the protection of total confidentiality - unless of course, there is the concern for safety or illegal activity. 

A certain amount of discretion can be expected from our escorts; she will understand that her meeting with you is a private one and she should behave accordingly. Our female escorts will not flaunt their profession and we expect the same from the customer. 

This means there will be no handling of money in public places, but in a private location. Also, never introduce her to others as an escort orother such things.

The reality is when using escort services not every one is true to their word and you personal details can easily passed on so we encourage you to observe your privacy concerns when dealing with any person in the escort industry. 

Once in the hands of said individuals, your info can be used for many underhand activities, using your identity for illegal acts for example. This can not only be frustrating and extremely inconvenient, but it can also have lasting effects. However, much like with online shopping! There are a few simple ways you that you can ensure you and your personal details remain safe. 

You should endeavour to only make contact with reputable agencies. While some agencies may offer you a 'better deal' or 'cheaper escorts', your privacy should not become a second-rate concern in hindsight. A reputable agency will always be willing to disclose how personal information will be used, how info is recorded as well as who has access to that info and how long they will be kept for. Never be afraid to ask those questions as you have every right to know how your information is being used.

We are not in anyway attempting to discourage you from making appointments with escort! Rather a recommendation to exercise caution when arranging dates, especially in an age where identity theft and fraud is prevalent. Try to stick to the companies who have a good reputation for quality, who have been established in professional and good honest conduct for more than a couple of years or even a few months. Anyone can open a website with a phone number and start taking calls as an "agency" we just want you to do your research in particular if you are a regular user of female escorts or a gentleman that is of high standing in society.